About The NRGLC

We are a parent run, Montessori-based learning center located in Fayette County, WV. We offer a Primary Program for children ages 3-6 and an Elementary Program for children ages 6-12.

We encourage each child’s natural desire to learn by helping them develop self-motivation, self-knowledge and respect for the World.

NRGLC Mission Statement

Our mission is to cooperatively operate a Montessori-based learning option for children in the Fayette County area that aims to give each child the opportunity to rise to his or her own level of excellence.

By working together with our members we will create an encouraging and positive environment where children can learn the skills they need to become responsible, independent, productive and caring citizens in our world.

Core Values

To support our mission we are committed to the following core values:

  • Strong Academics
  • Hands-on / Experiential Learning
  • Outdoor and Environmental Education
  • Physical Fitness and Activities
  • Stewardship / Community Involvement
  • Exposure to Arts, Music and Languages
  • Support for Children’s Natural Desire to Learn
  • Room to Pursue Individual Interests
  • Positive Discipline rather than punishment

These core values drive our day to day operations, our immediate plans for growth, and our long-term vision.

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