Welcome To Our New Site

New website, old building at the New River Gorge Learning Co-opLong story short, we were looking for a more nimble platform and easy-to-use CMS to help us more effectively manage our site. As a group of parents working to make all this happen, it’s important to have the right tools for the job.

The Montessori method is much the same way. It’s been fun to see how we’ve progressed over the last five years, using generous donations to build our collection of tools for both the Children’s House and the Early Elementary programs, as well as funding our Early Elementary teacher’s Montessori training last year and this year.

The NRGLC continues to grow and, as such, we are looking at different alternatives for creating more space for our programs. We’re looking at anything from new construction on a new site to environmentally friendly modular solutions to repurposing an existing structure.

If our programs are of interest to you and your family, either as participants or supporters, please contact us!

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